Divots Summer Outdoor Concert Series 2013
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Sunday, September 1


5pm Doors Open

6 pm - All That Ever Was
             (Formerly Stereo Trigger)

7:15 pm - Lifehouse

8:45 pm - Goo Goo Dolls

10:30 pm - Mr. Hand





Doors open at 5, Show at 6

General Admission Seating $45.00 and is available at Etix.com, Norfolk Lodge & Suites, or at Renegade.


Goo Goo Dolls

After more than two decades as a band, with nine albums, a catalog of songs that have become ingrained in the pop consciousness and countless concerts for millions of fans, the Goo Goo Dolls are feeling particularly good about their new album: Magnetic.

More to the point, the Goo Goo Dolls are feeling particularly good. Period.

“This album was really upbeat and fun,” says John Rzeznik, the trio’s primary singer, songwriter and guitarist since it was founded in Buffalo in 1986. “I don’t think we’ve made a record like this in a while. Just had a great time doing it.”

It’s a great time overall for the musicians. Bassist Robby Takac, whose partnership with Rzeznik has been the band’s foundation since the start, and his wife have just had their first child. And Rzeznik is getting married this summer.

Not to mention that recently three of the band’s songs placed in Billboard’s Top 100 of 1992-2012, with “Iris” standing at No. 1. That song has also connected with a new generation, as Dolls fan Taylor Swift has been performing it in her concerts.


Hits include: Slow it Down, Come to Me, Rebel Beat

their new album 'Magnetic' that comes out on May 7th




"We just felt like some sounds needed to evolve. We knew we had to shake things up creatively and go back to the drawing board, try something new,” commented Lifehouse lead singer Jason Wade.  “It was a liberating experience; I feel like we can take all our different musical influences and they can kind of coalesce together and live in the same space without any rules or guidelines. This album was just very in-the-moment, or should I say letting moments happen instead of forcing something and trying to manipulate it."

Jason Wade recalls the beginning of Lifehouse a dozen years ago with warm nostalgia -- and a little bit of expos facto terror.


Hits include : Hanging By a Moment, You and Me, First Time

All That Ever Was  
Formerly Stereo Trigger, the three remaining members have moved into a new direction forming All That Ever Was early 2013. Focusing on the one thing that initially drew them together, their music has taken on a new life. The next chapter has proved to be the most freeing.  The melodic guitar riffs that made Stereo Trigger songs so easily recognizable continue in this new venture.  Dark undertones laced with dynamic vocals held together with the driving beat keep you wanting more. Sometimes drowning you in sound and other times allowing the music to breathe  there's never a dull moment once they take the stage. 
Mr. Hand  

Mr. Hand has released 5 CD’s – “Second Start“, “Simple Ways E.P.“, “Fueled by the View“, “Treats!” and “Scheme of Things“. Click on the album covers above for more information.

Mr. Hand’s music has been used in the independent films “Halfway Point,” “Kitty Cats and Exit Signs” and “The Dean’s Boys,” and also in the MTV show “Undressed.”

You can order Mr. Hand’s CDs “Second Start”, “Simple Ways E.P.” and “Fueled by the View” plus other merchandise through our store. You can also get “Second Start”, “Simple Ways E.P.” and “Fueled by the View” on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon.com and Rhapsody.